Publications list


Steve’s Band (Duality, 2011)

The Horses (Cinnamon Press, 2010)

Also short stories including, ‘Glossolalia’ in Duality 3: Peace, Blue in Serendipity, ‘The Crying of the Lilies’ in Survival Guides.

Most recent short story is ‘Last of the Grand Narratives‘ in Paraxis


Horse (Reaktion Books: Animal Series), 2008 – translated in Arabic by the Kalima Project in 2010 and into Russian, German and Italian in 2011.

To Amaze the People with Pleasure and Delight: the horsemanship manuals of William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle (Long Riders’ Guild Press, 2010)

Editor: Teaching Creative Writing: Practical Approaches (The Professional and Higher Partnership, 2012)

‘The author of their skill’: human and equine understanding in the Duke of Newcastle’s ‘New Method’,  The Horse as Cultural Icon: Power, Status and Identity in Early Modern Times (Brill, 2011)

Foreword, Equus by Charles Hamilton Smith (Long Riders’ Guild Press, 2009)

‘A Crow’s Playground on Mynydd Hiraethog’, In Her Element (Honno, 2008)

‘Hope Mirrlees’, Women in Science-Fiction and Fantasy (Greenwood Press, 2008)

Poetry included in Transparent Words: Home; Roundyhouse: Women Writers of Wales, Caught in the Net, Roundyhouse: A Sense of Place, Opendoor.

Featured poet in Caught in the Net, November 2009.

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