Book Sales

To order books direct from me, please use the contact form below.

I can offer special prices on multiple copies/titles and if you’d like them signed or addressed to someone, then just let me know.

All prices include postage within the UK – please contact me for a price for overseas postage.

They are also on Amazon, Inpress etc., as well as in high street book stores.

The Horses (Cinnamon Press, 2010)    £10

‘The world ended, Jo, and we missed it because we were on holiday.’

Jo and his family are stranded on a remote Scottish croft after an ecological disaster has devastated human life. The arrival of a mysterious herd of horses changes their vision of the future.

Horse (Reaktion Books, 2008)    £11

Through all the exploration, adventure and conflict of human life, the  horse  keeps on being a horse, adapting admirably, teaching us to be good leaders, warning us not to take too much for granted.’      

This book charts the long connection between people and horses reflected in cultures around the world  and explores the impact such close interaction has for both us and them.

To Amaze the People with Pleasure and Delight 
(Long Riders’ Guild Press, 2010)  £16

‘William Cavendish wrote that, ‘there is nothing of more Use than A Horse of Mannage; nor is anything of more State, Manliness, or Pleasure than Riding’. Throughout his life, he put this belief into practice.’

This first comprehensive study of the two 17th century horsemanship manuals by William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle, includes all 42 engraved plates from the original text and shows that his insights into the horse’s mind are still relevant to today’s reader.


Steve’s Band (Duality, 2011)  £5     

‘Steve plays guitar like a man with a grudge. He watches the chords for ‘Whole Lot of Rosie’ take  shape in the air and slip through the sliver of open window to float over the town.’

Steve’s longing for a band takes him on a journey that gets too close to home for comfort. A story about music, friendship and the risks involved in getting what you wish for.

3 thoughts on “Book Sales

  1. Dear Elaine
    Regarding the book “To Amaze the People with Pleasure and Delight” How many pages does the book have? Does it contain the complete work of William Cavendish’s two manuals on horsemanship–or is it your interpretation and study of his manuals–or is it both?
    Thanks.. rgds Jo

  2. Hello Jo,

    ‘To Amaze the People’ has 238 pages including appendices, prefatory material translated into English from the 1658 French edition (and not available in English elsewhere, so far as I’m aware), bibliography and the 42 orignal plates (2 per page) from the first manual, as well as some plates from other manuals for comparison purposes.

    My book doesn’t contain Newcastle’s manuals at all – it’s an analysis of them under the following chapter headings:

    1. Introduction
    2. ‘Also he recreates himself with his pen’: Newcastle as writer
    3. ‘Of the several Authors that have Written of Horsemanship’: Newcastle’s manuals in the European context
    4. ‘The Epitome of Horsemanship’: Newcastle’s Method ‘Anatomized’
    5. ‘Apres l’homme le cheval est le plus noble animal’: Newcastle and the horses’s mind
    6. ‘A strange conceit of a Great Master’: Newcastle’s plates as virtual reality
    7. Conclusion

    It began life as my PhD thesis so is fully referenced with all quotations from the 1658 French edition, footnoted from the 1743 English translation. It’s suitable for academic use, but also, I hope, accessible to any interested reader also.



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